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24 September 2016

13 things you need on a RTW trip.

My top 12 items to pack for a round the world trip.
Other than your passport and your wallet, there are some items, traveller’s
will never leave home without.

Don't forget that space is your biggest problem!

1. A sarong
2. Slip slops
3. Hat
4. Strong travel locks
5. Sun cream
6. A torch
7. A bandana
8. A small multi-tool/ pocket knife
9. International travel plugs/adapters
10. Travel neck pillow
11. Odorless insect/mosquito spray
12. A clothes line/Washing line
13. Poncho/ raincoat

26 March 2016

Amazing tourist accommodation....

                            Some different accommodation for tourists.
                            These are not just ideas, they exist.

Wigwam Motel, USA

No Mans Fort, England

The Sun-Ship Hotel, South Korea

The Crane-hotel, Amsterdam

13 March 2016

Some travel headaches....

Just a few 'headaches' one would experience when travelling around the world.

                        12 different wall plugs in use around the world!

-Your cellphone may not work in a another country and you have to change networks.
  In many areas of most countries, there is no cellphone signal at all.

-Driving on the other side of the road.

Let us know of some of the travel headaches that you came across.

05 March 2016

Travel gadgets. Kit ideas No. 11

There are some great travel gadgets out there today.

The Sfork. Made in Sweden

The Sfork. The ultimate camping utensil. A knife, fork and spoon, all in one.
My Sfork goes everywere with me.

Credit card thin, Rolson survival multi-tool

Travel 'savings tips' Post No. 2

On the road:

1# In many places at backpacker hostels, a double room is cheaper
     than a single room or even a dorm bed. If you share it with a friend.

2# When eating in a restaurant with fellow travellers,
      they will always say, "Just pay in what you've had."
      or they also like saying, "Oh, we'll just split the bill at the end."

    Fact: This just sounds good, but does not really work.
    E.g:-You had 2 beers and someone else had 2 bottles of wine.
        -Many people forget what they had, so they put in less.
        -Most don't consider the tip at the end for the waiter.
        -Many get drunk and even leave without paying.

    To avoid all this, I pay as you go or have a separate bill.

14 November 2014

Travel flight saving tips. Post No #3

-Remember flights around Xmas/ holiday times are double the normal price.
 (Try plan trips before or after these busy peak periods.)

-A flight on a Mon, Tues, Wed is normally cheaper than
  a flight on a Fri, Saturday or a Sunday.
-A return ticket is normally cheaper than a one-way ticket.
 (Check out both options.)
-Buying a ticket many months in advance will be cheaper than buying it
  a few weeks before you go.

04 July 2014

Travel 'saving tips'. Post No.1

Travel saving tips.

Before you go:
1# If you need an 'inner sheet' for your sleeping bag?
    -Don't buy one. Just take an old cotton sheet, fold it to the size
      you need, cut and sew it up yourself.
    - The inner sheet keeps your sleeping bag clean inside.

2# It's a good idea to have a small mosquito net.
     But hey are not cheap -Try making your own.
     Maybe you come up with a new great design.

02 March 2014

Cut your water bill, buy up to 100%. Install a rain water tank.

A great DIY project.
Save money and reduce your dependency on Government.
- No house should be with out a rain water tank.
Cut your water bill by between 50 - 100%, just by putting a rain water tank
or two, under your roof.

Place tank on a flat base. It helps having a 'good, clean' roof and Clean gutters.
(Round-type plastic gutters and round down pipes are the best.)

Your rain water will not have the added chemicals the municipality
puts in the water to get rid all feces/excrement.

FACT: Most Municipalities in the world are struggling to supply every home.

A plastic 5000 liter tank is around R3000.00.

Connect the gutter, down pipe to the tank lid and after one good rain
your tank is full.            Cut your bills and save water.

12 January 2014

The Desert Tour. Self drive Karoo and Namibia, Dec 2013

South Africa and Namibia. Dec 2013, We took a road trip through the Great Karoo to the
Kalahari and then to the Namib Desert and Fish River Canyon.
A photographers dream.

                              Above, the Namib Desert near Aus, Namibia.

                                          Ja, it's real...   a commune just south of Upington

                                         Above, Fish River Canyon, lunch time.

                                                               Karoo jacuzzi, Williston

The dirt roads in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Nat Park and in Namibia
are generally great.                   Wow!,. its hot.
Only once you've felt the 'real heat' here do you have true respect
for the region and the people who survive there.
The swimming pools in most of campsites, saved us.

Around the world in Rocky Sandals. Travel kit #10

I bought my first pair of Rocky Sandals in South Africa, 1992
They've lasted over 20 years and have walked with them in over 25 countries.

1st pair on the left, now finished.   The new pair (right)  R360.00  in 2013

They may be called 'Aqua sandals' and I used them in mud, water etc.
Great for hiking. Very light and they dry quick.